Power BI

Provision of Power BI Consulting, Programming, Training services as well as a power BI Quick Start offering

HR Analytics

Systemic Identification & Quantification of the People Drivers of Business Outcomes. At its core, HR analytics enables HR practitioners and employers to gain insights into their workforce, HR policies, and practices, with a focus on the human capital element of the workforce, and can ultimately inform more evidence-based decision making.

Data Science As A Service

Managed service comprising the full data value chain from data collection, preparation, analysis to visualisation on behalf of organisations, functions or teams. Attractive option offering organisations full access to a multi-dimensional skilled team of data scientists, analysts, business intelligence developers etc. without requiring them to invest in their own data teams. Additional cost savings include data security, infrastructure, platforms, software, training and time.

Robotic Process Automation

Our offering can deliver automated and improved business processes required to make clients organisation improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations faster and at a lower cost than other automation approaches. Interest and activity in RPA is growing and we are increasingly seeing deployments reaching enterprise scale and operating on processes across the organisation.

Automation Of Regulatory Report

Regulatory reporting is the submission of either raw or summary data by banking and securities organizations to the Regulators to evaluate its overall health, thereby determining the status of compliance with applicable provisions. We have methodology and experience to automate regulatory reporting so that it can significantly improve business processes related to regulatory reporting by streamlining activities that are highly labor-intensive and time-consuming—enabling organisations to complete thousands of hours of manual regulatory reporting work in just minutes with little or no human involvement.