Dashboards & Visualisations

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Sales & Financial Visualisation

Avoid blind spots and make data driven financial decisions. Empower yourself and be able to answer these questions real time:

  • Are you able to spot trends, identify outliers and analyse profitability?

  • Can your company indicate which products, warehouses, customers, or salespersons do most of your business?

  • Can you identify non-profitable accounts?

  • Do you have insights on sales trends in terms of time, products, and location?

  • Are you able to perform Sales What if Analysis?


Our Sales and Financial Visualization allows you to have the control to make data-driven decisions using various drill-down options to answer your specific business questions. Get to know and understand what your company data is trying to tell you.

Inventory Visualisation

If we were to ask your company the following questions, would you be able to quickly and accurately answer it?

  • How much money can be found in your business in the form of stock?

  • Can you differentiate high value and low value stock items?

  • What is your inventory turnover rate?

  • Etc.


Our Inventory Visualisation  evaluates previous sales data, and, based on multiple settings, gives you the inventory turnover rate per item. This gives your company a clear, instant report with information about your stock quantity, your inventory turnover, outstanding purchases and orders. All these can result in a more effective, optimal stock levels when your company uses this visualisation.


Payables Visualisation

Are you on top of your finances and are you able to obtain answers to the following questions at any given time:

  • What is your cash position?

  • Do you have a clear viewing history of all your payments?

  • Do you want to manage your cash flow better, faster?


We have a Solution that provides a quick overview of your accounts payable. We provide a viewing history of payments  and outstanding balances by aging, suppliers, and cash on hand.

Human Resources Visualisation

Do you find yourself asking questions like:

  • Are there skills lacking in our departments?

  • Have the present skills we have, improved?

  • Is there a lack of skills that we need to acquire?


Trends, patterns, and recurring actions is the focus of this visualisation. It will assist your company on keeping an eye out for recurring patterns in your HR department. From Leave days taken to progress in skills development, or lack thereof.  Human Resources Visualizations are an extensive topic and there are many visualizations that can be developed to showcase the complete storyline of modern HR functions.