About us

Sambe Consulting is a level 1 BEE Business Intelligence(BI) and Data Analytics Consultancy that has been in existence since 2006. Our mission is to help our clients use data to enable better, more intelligent business, as a means to more successful ends.

We have deep technical skills servicing a number of JSE listed companies in the following industries:

  • Financial Services and Insurance.

  • Technology  and Telecommunications.

  • Health Care and Life Sciences.

  • Gaming and Casinos.

  • Energy & Resources.

Our Offer

  • A cost-effective Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics solution.

  • Access to your data anywhere, anytime, from any device.

  • To present your data in a uniform manner to different audiences.

  • To scale your data delivery as your business grows.

  • To have the BI and analytics tools that will allow you and your team to drive business insights.

  • Then we have the solution for you. Whether your    business is starting-up or established on your BI and Data Analytics journey, Sambe is your one-stop partner
    for empowering your business through data, analytics and business intelligence.

Our Services

  • Consulting, implementation, and support in BI and Data Analytics.

  • Recruitment services for the placement of highly technical and specialized Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and related candidates.

  • Training services at client sites and for mixed groups.

  • 24/7 Remote Assistance.

  • Dashboards and Visualisations.

Our Service Offering



A typical data journey:
We help our clients use their data to enable better, more intelligent business, as a means to more successful ends.



We are technology- agnostic: we utilise what our clients have.

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The value we bring

In today’s interconnected world, the rapidness by which you lead, learn, make and implement decisions sets you apart from the competition. It all starts with turning data into actionable information and

  • Simplify complexity with data visualisation & trend analysis.

  • Mutate the usability of your raw data with our data warehouse.

  • Become a smart organisation with digital transformation.

  • Enable collaboration and sharing by going mobile.

  • Seamlessly scale from insight to analytics, advanced business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and internet of things.

  • Maximise productivity with real-time data alerts & KPI monitoring

  • Catapult profitability by the integration of financial & operational data.

  • Increase sales with customer analytics.

  • Slam dunk negotiations with granular profitability history

  • Reduce cost with budget control & supply chain metrics